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My Photographic Journey in Paris

Bonjour People !
This land surely doesn’t need any separate introduction. Its everyones dream to visit this place once in a lifetime. City of lights, city of museums & monuments, city of love & romance are only few of its names. Yes I am talking about Paris ! Say me lucky or say me wild dreamer, but I have witness this land & cherry on the cake was, with my better half - My Camera !

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Man Made Heaven on Earth : Venice

Those were the days of VCR players & CD players in India when I saw this city for the first time on screen. “The Italian Job” was the movie which made me completely fall in for this place in my school days. It was beyond my imagination to think of human life in the city filled with water, complemented with such amazing views all around. It just triggered not so achievable dream inside the Indian kid who wanted to visit this beautiful man made creation on earth once in his life !

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How to plan your next photographic destination effectively

Like most of us in the world, I have been travelling bucket list destinations since years. However ever since I have grabbed the camera & started shooting seriously, my motive of travelling completely changed - rather I would say, I became more sensitive & responsive towards surroundings. I started to look out for new opportunities and different perspectives for so called touristy destinations through my camera with and intend to document & capture my own vision of the place. So if you ever want to witness or rather plan your next travel from photographers point of view - Here are my top 5 tips for more enjoyable photography experience.

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